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The NBA All-Star Weekend just passed and it was nothing short of surprising. Let’s start with the Taco Bell skill challenge. Tony Parker proved that age is but a number last weekend. Beating out Rajon Rando in the final round and ending his course time at 32.7 seconds he won the Skills Challenge which which also comes with its perks of a year supply of cinnamon twist; as in every event the winner automatically earns a spot for next year. So if  Tony doesnt retire or get injured we’ll see him next year.

Next on the list was the 3pt contest. NBA phenomena Kevin Durant took on Kevin Love in the Finals. Showing his touch from outside the arch Love took home the trophy. To me and probably half of the people watching it; the outcome was a bit of a shock watching  the taller man win a shooting contest. The fact the Both finalist were above 6ft 9 left me dumbfounded. Both Heat players were eliminated in the first round including last years champ James Jones.

The dunk contest was by far the worst one I’ve seen in my 15 years of life. It was at best mediocre. I think it was a let down because we had no big names like Lebron or Blake in there. You still have to give these players props though. Jeremy Evans was a let down in my opinion. Having the two worst dunks of the event on Saturday night he some how pulled most of America to vote him winner. You America, you voted him a winner because he dunked two balls at once in the same hoop. The best part of his performance was when it involved Kevin Heart. The baseline jam by Derrick Williams was 100 times better. You cant change the past; so congrats Jeremy Evans on winning the Sprite Dunk Contest.

p.s I will post about the game later on today