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Tiger wins at Bay Hill

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  After a couple of depressing years Tiger Woods is back. Tiger won his first tournament since the whole indecent incident where he was exposed for cheating on his EX wife. Tiger seemed like his old self during the Bay Hill tournament. Tiger won by 5 strokes, giving him the gift of putting on a PGA tournament jacket since 2009. The 14 time major champion seems to be getting almost the same predictions from everyone which is 4 to 1, or 7 to 2 odds of winning his fifth Masters title. The Results he gets in Augusta could or should I say will change the predictions. Now comes the time for you to vote. Do you think Tiger will win the Masters?


After all the commotion with the Denver-New York trade with Tim Tebow its finally done. The problem surrounding the deal was the 5 million dollar advance that Denver payed Tebow for 2012-2014. The Broncos wanted all 5 million back from the Jets if the trade was going to happen. That was the determining factor. They ended up splitting it in half so Denver got 2.5 million back. Reports are starting to come out that Jacksonville was willing to give them 3 million back. So why did this deal get done the Jets when there were are other suitors willing to give more? Well, when rumors first came out that New York was interested in Tebow most people called it a long shot, that didn’t seem to stop them. The Jets offered the first deal that they liked and they worked from there. Denver wouldn’t hand Tebow to Jacksonville for an extra 500,000 that just wouldn’t be right in a business standpoint. Yea, if they were really greedy that what they would have done but thats not the type of front office that Denver has. Anyways, why would the Jets want Tebow? It was a shock that they did. The Jets could use him as a special threat, something that when they need a special push they have him. Tebow would be their secret weapon. Also, as long as Miami (who was also another suitor seeking Tebow) didn’t get him it would make them weaker as a organization. Also it adds depth to the team, when you have a decent starter in Mark Sanchez, and now an almost equal backup if one gets hurt then its not like its going to be a huge difference. Tebow could even compete with Sanchez for the starting job (though as of right now and likely to remain Tebow is number two on the depth chart). Tebow joining the Jets will no only test his skill but his faith because New York isn’t a quiet place, it hard to concentrate alot more media then Tim has ever seen before, also there’s alot more action its where players like to party big to. It will be interesting to see him develop as a Jet.

Its finally official Peyton Manning has signed a deal with the Denver Broncos. This contract is big time money. But is he worth the 5 year 96 million dollar contract that he got? In my book, NO NOT AT ALL! Any team that were to sign him was taking a risk. Now the Broncos have the guts to not only take the risk but to make him the highest paid player in the entire NFL. Manning will be making 20 million in 2013 and another 20 in 2014. Now what does this mean for the team overall? Well, they’ll probably bring in more W’s and will actually be able to compete with other teams. Everyone on the team seems excited to bring in the future Hall of Famer, but is that the case? No, Tim Tebow is probably the only one not excited at all. Now that the Broncos have Manning they will be looking to shop Tebow. Who will pick him up? Well some good fits if he is going to be a starting QB is Jacksonville and Miami. Tebow would probably prefer to go to Jacksonville because its close to his home town and he already has a fan base up there. Miami could use him (even though it probably won’t happen because of the type of offense they run down here) because all they have are two mediocre QB’s in Matt Moore and newly acquired David Garrard. Where will he end up is a different story. I expect Tebow to land in either Jacksonville, New England (as a backup to Brady and a nice addition to the team where they could do many things with him), or Houston (where he can complement Matt Schaub.)

 That’s right, It’s almost here the NBA trade deadline. With the deadline only six days away who will end up in different places? Lets start with the most talked about, Dwight Howard. Howard who just pulled in a double-double for the Magic against the Bulls bring in yet another W is easily the biggest name in trade talks. It is unclear at the moment whether it looks as if the Magic are going to trade the big guy, but if they do you can certainly assure yourself a couple of rebuilding years for  Stan Vangundy and the Magic. Next on the list is Rajon Rondo, you hear his name come up a lot but are the Celtics going to trade him? Probably not, he has been play the best basketball of his career lately and why would they want to lose that momentum. If they end up trading anyone it will seem to be KG or Ray Allen. Those two are getting old and Doc Rivers is almost forced to start looking at the re-building processes. And Finally Gasol and the Lakers. The Lakers need a point guard and Gasol is as needed as he was before. It would be nice to move him and in return get a good point guard and a decent draft pick.

Hawks at Heat

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With the game just minutes away who do u think will pull in the W?

          The Indianapolis Colts have decided to cut the strings on Future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. Manning has played all of his season so far in a Colts uniform. Now that the four time MVP is a free agent where will he decide to sign? Well, there are three teams in the hunt for him, Miami (1), Washington (2), and New York Jets (3). He does like Miami alot and according to ESPN it tends to be his “second home” so could he sign with the Dolphins and “bring his talents to South Beach?” Why would the dolphins sign a hurt player? The answer is mentor ship, the dolphins are also trying to get the second pick in the draft so they could pick up someone like Andrew Luck or RGIII if they didn’t get picked with the first pick. So after bring in Manning and one of them, Manning could show them some of the tricks up his sleeve making them already one of the best quarter backs in the NFL. But then again, Peyton could become a Redskin. Washington or who ever picks him up as primary quarter back is taking a risk no doubt, but is it worth it? That you will only know the answer if to if the risk is taken. When you think about New York the only reason they are trying to get him is because of the same reason Miami is. Basically, who ever gets him has the lead over the other in the division. Now, all we can do is wait.

 The same exact man who won the sixth-man award last season; is the same man who is now in the D-league. That’s right Lamar Odom has been sent down to the D-league by the Dallas Mavericks. You have to feel bad for the guy, he was traded for basically nothing to his rival and now they demote him. Odom had taken an absence from the team last week care of his father who was in bad shape health wise. The Maverick organization has brought humiliation upon Odom. When will he be back in a Maverick jersey? It could be next game, next week, or next moth we really don’t. Just because he had a bad start to the season doesn’t mean they should demote him look at the entire team they aren’t so hot either, they are on a three game losing streak with a chance to make it a four game losing streak tonight verse the Hornets. Honestly, I think they made a huge mistake bring Odom down to play with Texas Legends. I expect nothing less than to see Odom flourish when he gets back to prove everyone in the organization wrong!