NBA All-Star Game Recap

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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                                                                               The battle of the elites took place on Sunday; when the Eastern All-Stars took on the Western All-Stars. It was a historical night for Kobe Bryant, when he topped Michael Jordan for carrer All-Star points, with 270 points. Jordan only played in 13 All-Star games while this was Kobe’s 14th selection and probably more to come. Kobe wasn’t the highest scorer Sunday when Lebron and Durant both had 36 points. The most talked about plays of the game were the last second decision to pass by lebron and the hard foul Wade commited on Kobe braking his nose. Kobe says there’s still no beef between them, but you know for a fact that when these two meet up again this Sunday in L.A, they’ll be playing with a little more heart.  Also, the choice that Lebron took an attempted pass to Wade but over throwing him and basically losing the game for the Eastern All-stars when he could have just taken the 3 pointer himself. Lebron, Kevin Durant, Kobe, and Rajon Rondo wore shoes made just for this game (the galaxy series). Rajon wore the hyped shoes that most of you have heard of the “Galaxy Foam posites” that started riots in Orlando. 


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