Odom demoted

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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 The same exact man who won the sixth-man award last season; is the same man who is now in the D-league. That’s right Lamar Odom has been sent down to the D-league by the Dallas Mavericks. You have to feel bad for the guy, he was traded for basically nothing to his rival and now they demote him. Odom had taken an absence from the team last week care of his father who was in bad shape health wise. The Maverick organization has brought humiliation upon Odom. When will he be back in a Maverick jersey? It could be next game, next week, or next moth we really don’t. Just because he had a bad start to the season doesn’t mean they should demote him look at the entire team they aren’t so hot either, they are on a three game losing streak with a chance to make it a four game losing streak tonight verse the Hornets. Honestly, I think they made a huge mistake bring Odom down to play with Texas Legends. I expect nothing less than to see Odom flourish when he gets back to prove everyone in the organization wrong!


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