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As the Heat blew out New York in the first game by a remarkable 33 points, it became a game for the history books as it was Miami’s second largest win in playoff history. Now the two teams are back at it tonight at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Does Miami take a 2-0 lead on the Knicks? Does New York stop the blazing Heat and even up the series? What will happen tonight?


With their season done the New Jersey Nets are no longer in existence. A new era is about to begin, an era that will include a sports team in Brooklyn since the Dodgers left in 1957 to become the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Brooklyn Nets will call the Barclays Center home starting next season. The Nets will be trading in their white, red, and blues teams colors of a more simplistic, yet bold statement of black and white. The new logos (shown above) were released today, and was designed by the teams part owner and Rap music phenomena Jay-Z. Jay-Z added history and style together by bringing in the feel of the 1957 New York transit style into it, the colors and logo were some how inspired by it. They will be the only team in the NBA with the teams colors of only black and white. The Nets majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov who is also Russian billionaire helped bring the move to Brooklyn. Many players on the Nets such as NBA all-star Deron Williams were planning on leaving the Nets and becoming free agents but have now changed their mind to stay and be a part of history. Yet, only four players have contracts to stay with the Nets for next season! This will be an interesting couple of months for the people Brooklyn and the Nets organization.

In the exciting game one of the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Dallas Mavericks series it was a battle til the last second! With the clock ticking the NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant tried driving it for the winning basket but the tough defense from Shawn Marion didn’t allow him to so there was only one thing he could do and that was to throw up a prayer from the free throw line with one hand, and his prayer was answered. The ball bounced on the rim then dropped in. Both KD and Dirk Nowiztski scored 25 points but neither of them were the top performer of the game. Serge Ibaka came up big for the Thunder with 22 points 6 rebounds 5 blocks 1 steal and 1 assist. Ibaka was the top blocker this season in the NBA so these numbers aren’t surprising. The Thunder will try to redeem themselves from losing 4 games to 1 exactly one year ago in the first round. This looks to be a more exciting series then I expected, and I don’t see this series going any less than 6 games. I will go a head and say the winner of this series will go on to play in the Finals, take my word for it. Will Dallas make it to the Finals two years in a row, or will Durant lead the Thunder to their first second round appearance in two years? Durant had this to say after game one,” It’s the playoffs, No matter how it gets done, you’ve got to do it.” It just shows you how much and how far he is willing to work to get where he wants to be.

Derrick Rose finished his playoff run just as soon as he started it this year. During game one of the first round of the Chicago Bulls vs Philadelphia 76er’s  series. Rose was driving to the basket then passes out of his shot and landed on his leg awkwardly. He left the game immediately, and It was later discovered that he had torn his ACL short for anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. What does this mean for Chicago? Well they are going to work a lot harder as a team since Rose isn’t there to pick up there slack. I honestly don’t see them going to the Finals, let alone the conference championship without Rose. What I do see is them winning the series against Philly and losing in the Conference Semi finals. Now that Rose is done it leave teams like the Miami Heat to worry less about what they’ll be facing in the Conference finals. With Rose out there should be no reason Lebron James and the Miami Heat cant punch their ticket to the Finals for the second year in a row, but hey you never know what can happen. The Bulls could prove us all wrong and win it all, although it is very unlikely to occur. Back to Rose, he will be out for 4-6 months. This means that he will not be able to play on the USA Olympic team. Most people don’t recover 100% from injuries like this. All I can do is wish him a speedy and healthy recovery and there’s always next year Rose remember your still a very young player.

In yesterdays game one of the Heat vs Knicks playoff series you definitively felt the tensions between these two teams really flare up, just like the old times. It started out with Amare Stoudemire jawing at Udonis Haslem and getting double technical. Then, just moments later Shane Battier carried out very bitter foul on Carmelo Anthony which then Baron Davis came up and pushed Battier. This was a physical game all around. It wasn’t the type of atmosphere Carmelo was use to, and that caused him to struggle missing his first eight shots of the night. Once Miami got on a roll it seemed like New York was trying to injure Lebron and Wade intentionally. Tyson Chandler set a very dirty pick/shove on Lebron which caused him to fall to the ground and give him whip-lash. That didn’t seem to impede Lebron’s performance, he would go on to finish the game with 32 points. Yet, Lebron held Melo to a lilliputian amount of 11 points (missing 12-15 from the court). Tyson almost got a double technical which would have resulted in an automatic ejection from the game, but the refs called it back after review saying it was just an ordinary technical foul. Miami would go on a 24 to 2 run after that hit on Lebron (who continued to play).Wade collided with Davis while bring up the ball, it look like he had just thrown his body into Wade. Then  the Knicks fell victim to injury/payback when one of their most productive players Iman Shumpert tried crossing over Mario Chalmers and he tore his ACL,I wish him a fast and healthy recovery. Once a player tears any ligament in their knee they just never seem to come back 100%. Now back to Wade and the Miami Heat, who were very productive scoring 19 points in his first game back from dislocating his finger. Miami handed New York their worse playoff lost since 91. Miami’s 100-67 win was the second largest in Heat history, a 33 points victory. Even though this was a blowout win I don’t expect a series sweep, look for New York to play with an even greater intensity and aggressiveness when these two meet again tomorrow night in Miami, then they go back to New York for games 3 and 4 where I expect them to pull in a win against the Heat.

O yea by the way, it seems that it pays to sit court side because every one who did in yesterdays game got a pair of Lebron 9 Elites (playoffs), which released in stores yesterday for $250.

Mohamed Sanu the Wide receiver from Rutgers was a victim of a cruel and un-called for prank during Thursday nights first round of the NFL Draft. A youngster from New Jersey had gotten a hold of Sanu’s number and called him pretending to be a representative from the Cincinnati Bengals saying that he was going to be drafted with the 27th overall pick. Sanu and party rose up in excitement until they saw the name that appeared on the screen wasn’t his yet was the offensive guard from Wisconsin Kevin Zeitler whose name appeared on the screen. Sanu and his agent Mike McCartney quickly called the number back to find out it was a “practical joke” that the kid had played on Sanu. That feeling must have been the worst bringing your hopes up so high then seeing them destroyed within seconds. McCartney could only say this to the kid,”Do you understand how much pain you just caused? And it’s not just him, it’s his family. Do you understand what you did? ” Sanu was expected to be a late first rounder or second round pick. Friday night his dream of playing in the NFL came true, and the team that happened to pick him was the Bengals. The Bengals got him as a steal they picked him up in the third round of the draft Friday night. It might not have been where he would have like to be picked up but he had to look on the bright side that he even had the chance to get drafted, and he was tweeting this on Friday night,”Thank God!! Im a Bengal for REAL!!!! AHHHHH! Bengals baeby!!!!” Boy I wonder how awkward it’s going to be the first time these two see each other in the locker room, but hey what can you say he has a strong heart. My congratulations go out to Sanu and his family.

Its been exactly 12 seasons since these two teams have met in the NBA Playoffs. What a coincidental fact that these two met in 1999 the shortened season due to the lockout, and now again this shortened season (when Alonzo Morning got into a fight with  Larry Johnson) . Every time these two teams have played in the playoffs the Knicks won except for one time back in 1997.The number two seed Miami Heat will duke it out (pun intended) verse the number seven seed Knicks on Saturday in Miami. Lately, Carmelo Anthony has been unstoppable, hitting game winning shots and having nights were he scores 42 points! Lebron has been on fire lately as well winning games for the Heat single Handedly without Bosh or Wade. This series will be a Melo vs Lebron series without a doubt. Wade’s return will also be a crucial pivoting point in the series. If he does well, the Heat should win, but if he has a shaky return then who knows how this series could turn out. We know the New York Knicks have been able to beat the Chicago Bulls; so should the Heat be worried about this series? Well, Miami will have to play their heart out even though all odds are in their favor. I’m telling you right now this series won’t be a sweep. These two will grind it out until the end. I honestly think the Heat will win the match up, but the Knicks and the Bulls are the only teams I think that can stop the Heat from getting into the Finals. Again, the Heat will need to give everything that they have left in them, 110%. Just remember anything can happen. As the NBA slogan says,” Its where amazing happens.”