Its been exactly 12 seasons since these two teams have met in the NBA Playoffs. What a coincidental fact that these two met in 1999 the shortened season due to the lockout, and now again this shortened season (when Alonzo Morning got into a fight with  Larry Johnson) . Every time these two teams have played in the playoffs the Knicks won except for one time back in 1997.The number two seed Miami Heat will duke it out (pun intended) verse the number seven seed Knicks on Saturday in Miami. Lately, Carmelo Anthony has been unstoppable, hitting game winning shots and having nights were he scores 42 points! Lebron has been on fire lately as well winning games for the Heat single Handedly without Bosh or Wade. This series will be a Melo vs Lebron series without a doubt. Wade’s return will also be a crucial pivoting point in the series. If he does well, the Heat should win, but if he has a shaky return then who knows how this series could turn out. We know the New York Knicks have been able to beat the Chicago Bulls; so should the Heat be worried about this series? Well, Miami will have to play their heart out even though all odds are in their favor. I’m telling you right now this series won’t be a sweep. These two will grind it out until the end. I honestly think the Heat will win the match up, but the Knicks and the Bulls are the only teams I think that can stop the Heat from getting into the Finals. Again, the Heat will need to give everything that they have left in them, 110%. Just remember anything can happen. As the NBA slogan says,” Its where amazing happens.”


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