Under a microscope- Johnny Football the debate

Posted: July 31, 2013 in College football, Sports
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ncf_u_manziel6x_600 (photo courtesy of ESPN.com)

Johnny Manziel Texas A&M quarterback has been in the media spot light a lot in the past year and it hasn’t all been for good reasons. Since being the only QB to manage to beat Alabama this season, and the only freshman to ever win the Heisman trophy the QB has made a name for himself and that comes with a lot of attention, maybe a little too much for Johnny Football to handle.
Manziel has found himself being criticized for every move he has made lately, whether it be because he got a Mercedes from his parents or getting thrown out of a frat party (which he was recently kicked out of). Many argue that some GM’s will pass on him because of his maturity, and how much negativity that the media is bringing out from Manziels life. He is a college student and if you think that no college kid drinks is ridiculous. I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you’re an adult but It even happens in high school and this is coming from a high school student who sees it first hand since some of my classmates like to publicly post it on every social network out there. If the spot light was on half of these players as much as Manziel has it on him, you would see how common these actions are from young adults because like everyone in college, he’s still developing. Yet, I don’t think it’s just about his maturity which as much as I hate to admit needs to change because since he’s in the spot light he needs portray himself better public, but not to please everyone but to do exactly what he wants which is to acquire a better draft stock and maybe get the media off his back for a little while. Plus, Manziel is in a position where he’s not only a leader and face of an organization but a role model to some younger children. So, I understand both sides of the argument here.
For example, oversleeping at the Manning Camp wasn’t the brightest idea but I honestly don’t think that all the blame should fall on his shoulders even if he might have drank and been hung over. AJ Maccarron was his room-mate and I feel like it is your duty to wake up your roommate if they have not done so by themselves. That was a really grimy move by Maccarron who I can only assume knew this would go in the media tried to boost his own draft stock by hurting Manziels.
But yes, Manziel needs to tighten up a little when it comes to his maturity level because when its time for you do to do something whether it be attending a frat party, going to a camp or even playing whats suppose to be a friendly game of golf. You know its time for a change when Manziels father, Paul Manziel says he has no interest in playing golf with Johnny because of his anger problems.
Even when asked on his sons drinking situation Paul said, “it could come unraveled. And when it does, it’s gonna be bad. Real bad.” That’s why the media needs to stop making his public life private and let the family and school handle his situation before it gets out of hand because I can only imagine that if he does have a problem it’s because of all the stress the media has put on him and the pressure he has on him to succeed.

  1. baltimorefan33 says:

    I agree with everything you said. Any GM who passes on this kid because he drinks abit is just stupid. EVERY college student drinks and most high school students have already been drunk at least once. It’s how every little thing about Johnny Footballs life is being blown out of proportion. It’s all “much adu about nothing.”

    • maxcostanzosaboutthegame says:

      Yes its being blown out way too much they are forgetting he’s was a FRESHMAN he has a lot on his plate and it might just be a little to much for him to handle. They need to back of and let Johnny do what johnny does.

      • baltimorefan33 says:

        Yea it’s amazing what he has been able to do so far and I don’t think he will win Heisman this year but he should still be a top 5 pick in next years draft and if all the teams drafting in the top 5 pass on him I guess we know why they are drafting that high in the first place.

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