The fall out in Philly continues

Posted: August 2, 2013 in NFL, Sports
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After last months Kenny Chesney concert Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper has found himself in a hole that might be a little to deep to climb out of.
Cooper who used the N-word at the concert was fined by the Eagles organization but that’s just where Isis problems start. He is reportedly having problems sleeping and eating over this incident as ESPN reported that he returned to camp under weight.
Luckily for him, Rodger Goodell and the National Football League will not fine him.
This has the entire organization shaken up, especially with a large part of the team disgusted at Cooper and his actions.
“I forgive him. We’ve been friends for a long time,” the running back said Thursday. “But in a situation like this, you really find out about someone. Just on a friendship level, I can’t really respect someone like that,” said Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. Then McCoy continued,”Ain’t nothing to prove. He said how he felt,” reported by CSN is Philly.
Coopers relationship with a lot of players like McCoy and star quarterback Michael Vick on the team has dramatically changed.
The Cooper they thought they knew doesn’t seem to be the real one, and his friendship with most of the players is only on the field and if that doesn’t exist for some players with him.
At a press conference on Thursday the organization said that they will enroll the wideout in sensitivity training classes.
When you are part of an organization you have to act like you are representing them at all moments while you are in public, you are a part of them. You need to show professionalism and he didn’t. He’s lucky that coach Chip Kelly hasn’t decided to release him.
“It’s still a process that’s going on. I think some players that know him better than other players, I think maybe they’ve moved quicker,” he said. “Again, this isn’t a situation that you put underneath the rug and say, ‘It happened, let’s move on. We have to get ready for Thursday’s practice.’ That certainly isn’t the mood or the feeling around this building,” said Kelly according to ESPN.
No matter what Cooper does now, it seems like he is going to have a long road ahead of him, with everyone including me personally disgusted with him. He’s made a lot of noise this off season, certainly the most noise that has come from the Eagles organization.
It’s even got around the League and not to many people are happy about that, including Dallas Cowboy safety Barry Church who had this to say on the situation, “There are going to be players in the league that definitely are going to put a target on him. For me individually, if he apologized, I have no wrongdoing for him or harsh feelings for him. But there’s definitely going to be a target on him from other players in the league. I can tell you that much.”


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