Wall inks a new deal

Posted: August 2, 2013 in NBA, Sports
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John Wall has inked an extension with the Washington Wizards! The deal is reportedly worth 80 million over the next 5 years.
This is his first contract negotiation since his rookie contract. It hit home when he did, his family was by his side or in front of him as I should say during his press conference which when asked about family support he got a little teary eyed and said, “She’s (his mother) the most emotional person. It was like a breathtaking moment, seeing my mom and seeing everything she worked for,” as espn reported.
Wall isn’t like other NBA players, when inking the deal he said that he would then go ahead a donate a million dollars to a charitable organization In Washington. How many NBA players do you hear say that after signing a big contract? None, most of them will donate money throughout their career but for him to say that’s the first thing he’s gonna do with his new contract, that’s what separates him from the rest.
Wall is the face of the Wizards organization and definitely among the NBA elite even for only being in his third season if you didn’t already know that and the organization seem to have a lot of trust in him.
“The day we drafted John, we said we wanted to build this franchise with him and around him,” he said. “The last three years, he’s shown he’s capable of leading this franchise where we want to go and that’s back to the playoffs,” said team president Ernie Grunfeld.
The last time the Wizards were in the playoffs was back in the 2008 season when they had Gilbert Arenas aka agent Zero, so Wall hasn’t experienced that type of atmosphere yet.
Last year could have been the year Wall had brought the Wizards to the playoffs if it wasn’t for an injured knee that set him and his team back.
With the increased competition in the East I don’t know if the Wizards will make it to the playoffs, but I do see some light in their tunnel if you know what I mean.
Playoffs you think that’s the big picture for the Wizards and John Wall? Push its obvious that they are still perusing the goal everyone else is and that’s an NBA championship.Even though stopping their playoff drought would be the first step.
“We haven’t been to the promised land of winning a championship for years. I know we’re a long way from there, but that’s my main goal before my career is done, to win one here,” said Wall.
Now all the Wizards have to do is get some players around him that can make that happen, and just remember next off season is a big free agency. You begin to wonder who can and will bring in.

  1. lwmadden says:

    lots of offseason moves this year


    (Worldwide sports opinion from a teenage perspective)

  2. baltimorefan33 says:

    Great post man! John Wall is such a great guy I love that he will be with the Wizards for the next 6 years. Honestly I’m not sure if the Wizards will have a chance with any of the big names like Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony but note this; Melo did grow up in Baltimore and while I think he will end up going to the Lakers and taking the reigns from Kobe as the guy to take 100 shots every single game, it will be interesting to see if the “coming home pitch” from the Wizards will appeal to him. Yes I realize Waahington is not in Baltimore but its only about 30 miles away.

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