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After last months Kenny Chesney concert Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper has found himself in a hole that might be a little to deep to climb out of.
Cooper who used the N-word at the concert was fined by the Eagles organization but that’s just where Isis problems start. He is reportedly having problems sleeping and eating over this incident as ESPN reported that he returned to camp under weight.
Luckily for him, Rodger Goodell and the National Football League will not fine him.
This has the entire organization shaken up, especially with a large part of the team disgusted at Cooper and his actions.
“I forgive him. We’ve been friends for a long time,” the running back said Thursday. “But in a situation like this, you really find out about someone. Just on a friendship level, I can’t really respect someone like that,” said Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. Then McCoy continued,”Ain’t nothing to prove. He said how he felt,” reported by CSN is Philly.
Coopers relationship with a lot of players like McCoy and star quarterback Michael Vick on the team has dramatically changed.
The Cooper they thought they knew doesn’t seem to be the real one, and his friendship with most of the players is only on the field and if that doesn’t exist for some players with him.
At a press conference on Thursday the organization said that they will enroll the wideout in sensitivity training classes.
When you are part of an organization you have to act like you are representing them at all moments while you are in public, you are a part of them. You need to show professionalism and he didn’t. He’s lucky that coach Chip Kelly hasn’t decided to release him.
“It’s still a process that’s going on. I think some players that know him better than other players, I think maybe they’ve moved quicker,” he said. “Again, this isn’t a situation that you put underneath the rug and say, ‘It happened, let’s move on. We have to get ready for Thursday’s practice.’ That certainly isn’t the mood or the feeling around this building,” said Kelly according to ESPN.
No matter what Cooper does now, it seems like he is going to have a long road ahead of him, with everyone including me personally disgusted with him. He’s made a lot of noise this off season, certainly the most noise that has come from the Eagles organization.
It’s even got around the League and not to many people are happy about that, including Dallas Cowboy safety Barry Church who had this to say on the situation, “There are going to be players in the league that definitely are going to put a target on him. For me individually, if he apologized, I have no wrongdoing for him or harsh feelings for him. But there’s definitely going to be a target on him from other players in the league. I can tell you that much.”


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John Wall has inked an extension with the Washington Wizards! The deal is reportedly worth 80 million over the next 5 years.
This is his first contract negotiation since his rookie contract. It hit home when he did, his family was by his side or in front of him as I should say during his press conference which when asked about family support he got a little teary eyed and said, “She’s (his mother) the most emotional person. It was like a breathtaking moment, seeing my mom and seeing everything she worked for,” as espn reported.
Wall isn’t like other NBA players, when inking the deal he said that he would then go ahead a donate a million dollars to a charitable organization In Washington. How many NBA players do you hear say that after signing a big contract? None, most of them will donate money throughout their career but for him to say that’s the first thing he’s gonna do with his new contract, that’s what separates him from the rest.
Wall is the face of the Wizards organization and definitely among the NBA elite even for only being in his third season if you didn’t already know that and the organization seem to have a lot of trust in him.
“The day we drafted John, we said we wanted to build this franchise with him and around him,” he said. “The last three years, he’s shown he’s capable of leading this franchise where we want to go and that’s back to the playoffs,” said team president Ernie Grunfeld.
The last time the Wizards were in the playoffs was back in the 2008 season when they had Gilbert Arenas aka agent Zero, so Wall hasn’t experienced that type of atmosphere yet.
Last year could have been the year Wall had brought the Wizards to the playoffs if it wasn’t for an injured knee that set him and his team back.
With the increased competition in the East I don’t know if the Wizards will make it to the playoffs, but I do see some light in their tunnel if you know what I mean.
Playoffs you think that’s the big picture for the Wizards and John Wall? Push its obvious that they are still perusing the goal everyone else is and that’s an NBA championship.Even though stopping their playoff drought would be the first step.
“We haven’t been to the promised land of winning a championship for years. I know we’re a long way from there, but that’s my main goal before my career is done, to win one here,” said Wall.
Now all the Wizards have to do is get some players around him that can make that happen, and just remember next off season is a big free agency. You begin to wonder who can and will bring in.

Brandon Jennings has found a new home.
After trying free agency Jennings has agreed to a sign and trade deal that would send him to the Detroit Pistons and in return the Milwaukee Bucks get Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton and Viacheslav Kravtsov.
With the addition of Jennings look for the Pistons to finally become one of the top tier teams in the East. Jennings is the fourth name they have added this off season along with former Atlanta Hawk star Josh Smith. These two names alone give this team a decent chance at a top 5 spot in the east. The additions of Chauncey Billups and Luigi Datome bring a little bit of depth to their bench. Although, Billups is getting up there In age he could still be very effect if given minimal minutes.
Now, the Bucks just added a great point guard to their line up in Knight, but with the departure in Monte Ellis they don’t seem to promising. The Bucks also acquired former San Antonio Spur Gary Neal who seemed to hot to handle from the three point line in the NBA finals against the Miami Heat.
The winner of this deal is undoubtably, the Detroit Pistons. They want to win now and by trading for Jennings they are one step closer to doing just that. Him and Smith are two dynamic players that by bring the pistons to the playoffs could maybe cheer up and financially help the bankrupt city of Detroit. Knight is very talented don’t get me wrong, but he’s still maturing and I think we have seen that throughout the season. Remember that freshman vs sophomore game when Kyrie Irving destroyed Knight or that nasty dunk that DeAndre Jordan had on him, those were all learning experiences for him. Expect for him to develop this season into a more powerful guard and even maybe show some resemblance of that of John Walls style of play.


After former NBA all star point guard, Derek Fishers contract as the president of the National Basketball Players Association expired just this summer, the hunt for a new face is on going and could very well be announced as early as this month during the NBAPA meeting out in Los Vegas.
Undoubtedly the best player in the NBA, Lebron James could very well be the new face of the NBAPA. James has stated at union meetings earlier in the year that the NBAPA needs to see some changes in the way the handle things. James who already has all the money, fame and everything else you could get from acquiring this position would obviously only be in it for the actual rights and needs of current and future players. Like fisher tried to do during the NBA lockout, which is actually when James started to pursue an interest in union politics during a few of the owner/player barging meetings.
Union Vice President Chris Paul, of the Los Angeles Clippers is a good friend of James and it seems like a perfect fit for them two to work side by side.
If Lebron does acquire the presidential position he would top the list as the highest income revenue player to hold a position within the union ever.
It’s going to be a big role for James to manage, especially with a lot on his mind with what he’ll end up doing after this season ends, when he has a player option and trying to accomplish a three-peat. He could stay with the dynasty that he has started and built down in Miami or he could take his talents somewhere else. But thats an entire different subject.

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Johnny Manziel Texas A&M quarterback has been in the media spot light a lot in the past year and it hasn’t all been for good reasons. Since being the only QB to manage to beat Alabama this season, and the only freshman to ever win the Heisman trophy the QB has made a name for himself and that comes with a lot of attention, maybe a little too much for Johnny Football to handle.
Manziel has found himself being criticized for every move he has made lately, whether it be because he got a Mercedes from his parents or getting thrown out of a frat party (which he was recently kicked out of). Many argue that some GM’s will pass on him because of his maturity, and how much negativity that the media is bringing out from Manziels life. He is a college student and if you think that no college kid drinks is ridiculous. I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you’re an adult but It even happens in high school and this is coming from a high school student who sees it first hand since some of my classmates like to publicly post it on every social network out there. If the spot light was on half of these players as much as Manziel has it on him, you would see how common these actions are from young adults because like everyone in college, he’s still developing. Yet, I don’t think it’s just about his maturity which as much as I hate to admit needs to change because since he’s in the spot light he needs portray himself better public, but not to please everyone but to do exactly what he wants which is to acquire a better draft stock and maybe get the media off his back for a little while. Plus, Manziel is in a position where he’s not only a leader and face of an organization but a role model to some younger children. So, I understand both sides of the argument here.
For example, oversleeping at the Manning Camp wasn’t the brightest idea but I honestly don’t think that all the blame should fall on his shoulders even if he might have drank and been hung over. AJ Maccarron was his room-mate and I feel like it is your duty to wake up your roommate if they have not done so by themselves. That was a really grimy move by Maccarron who I can only assume knew this would go in the media tried to boost his own draft stock by hurting Manziels.
But yes, Manziel needs to tighten up a little when it comes to his maturity level because when its time for you do to do something whether it be attending a frat party, going to a camp or even playing whats suppose to be a friendly game of golf. You know its time for a change when Manziels father, Paul Manziel says he has no interest in playing golf with Johnny because of his anger problems.
Even when asked on his sons drinking situation Paul said, “it could come unraveled. And when it does, it’s gonna be bad. Real bad.” That’s why the media needs to stop making his public life private and let the family and school handle his situation before it gets out of hand because I can only imagine that if he does have a problem it’s because of all the stress the media has put on him and the pressure he has on him to succeed.


What might as well be the greatest award show to any Sports fanatic anywhere from swimming to football is just around the corner.
The ESPYS which resembles the Oscars of sports are being held July 17th at 9pm eastern time and have a countless number of categories lets brake down some of them.
THE BEST MALE ATHLETE: There are four candidates and only one seems to make sense, Lebron James of the NBA champion Miami Heat. Miguel Cabrera seem to be the second logical choice but doesn’t really have the explosiveness in his sport that compares to Lebron’s popularity in the NBA. Adrian Peterson who came fresh off the season had a great season and it was even more remarkable since he came off a torn ACL but again, a player isn’t based just off individual success but team success, and where did the Vikings go this past season? And Finally, Michael Phelps as much as we have seen him win, Its Michael Phelps due to his recent problems he isn’t everyone’s favorite athlete. Thus, making Lebron the ideal Male Athlete to win this category.

BEST FEMALE ATHLETE: Unfortunately, I don’t have much insight in this category. Who I would like to win and who will probably win are two different people. Serena Williams will probably win because she is the most known out of all four of these candidates, but don’t get me wrong shes a phenomenal athlete I would just like to see Brittany Griner take home this award. Griner has had a lot more success lately compared to Serena who was recently eliminated from Wimbledon. and unfortunately, for the last two Gabby Douglas (Gymnastics) and Missy Franklin (Swimmer) don’t compete in sports that are as widely watched as compared to Tennis and Basketball. So I see Williams taking this one.

BEST TEAM: The choices are the US gymnastics team, The Francisco Giants, Alabama Crimson Tide football, The Baltimore Ravens, The Chicago Black hawks, The Miami Heat and finally the Oklahoma University softball. Now this is the trickiest one. I want to see the Miami Heat take this one but not because they are my favorite team but because they put biggest fight having not one but two game seven series in their Championship run. I’m sorry I’m biased but isn’t all media?

BEST COMEBACK: This one hands down has to go to the one and only Adrian Peterson. Although Peyton Manning is also coming off surgery, I don’t think it was as serious and career ending as Petersons torn ACL. Plus, Peterson had a lot more success and thats what counts. Mariano Rivera who is also coming off a torn ACL, doesn’t seem to have as big of an impact on the Yankees as Peterson had on the Vikings. And I don’t know who Buster Posey is to be honest, Iv heard the name but Iv never watched him.

BEST BREAKTHROUGH ATHLETE: It’s not doubt that it should go to….Colin Kaepernick. He had the biggest challenge of adjusting to the starting position as a QB and bringing the 49ers to the Superbowl and having an outstanding performance. Don’t get me wrong Russell Wilson is also another great candidate he led his team far but not as far, plus I just like Kaepernicks chances far better. Johnny Manziel did awesome too, but its college ball and you cant compare the college level to the pro level. and for Mike Trout and Yasiel Puig seaon isn’t over yet so how can you decide on that.

BEST CHAMPIONSHIP PERFORMANCE: Now, Joe Flacco, Pablo Sandoval and Brad Keselowski are all great at what they do in the big games or races in Keselowskis case but its incomparable to the performance given to Lebron James. In my mind, Brad Keselowski is last in this because NASCAR although its a big sport its the smallest in this category. Joe Flacco only had one game to blow up so its not as in depth as Lebrons performance in a seven game series where he had to give his all every single second he was in. Pablo Sandoval doesn’t get my vote because I’m not as big of a baseball fan and I didn’t watch the World series because my Yankees weren’t in it. So lebron wins yet another trophy!

BEST GAME: Now this is probably the hardest one of them all. The Ravens vs Broncos isn’t really a contender because it wasn’t the Super Bowl. Now the Leafs vs Bruins game 7 and the Heat vs Spurs game 6 is a really tight one. Now both were extremely exciting, but game 6 of the NBA finals takes this home because it was a win or go home for the Heat and it went into overtime. There was so much on the line and it had such a big effect on the series. Now the Bruins and Leafs game 7 was just as good because it was a the biggest comeback I’ve ever seen and it grabbed everyone’s attention but it was only a first round game.

BIGGEST UPSET: Florida Gulf Coast University takes this one. A school that no one had ever heard of (except for us south Floridians) did the impossible they beat the number two seed Georgetown Hoyas. A team that was on no ones radar had beaten a team that most people had in their final four bracket. It completely blew everyone away and that’s what america likes to see an underdog win. That alone lets me give them the vote on Biggest Upset. Plus, it is very possible that this could be my future school after this year.

and Finally the BEST PLAY: Ray Allens 3 point play seals the deal. Although, Jadeveon Clowney’s Hit and
DeAndre Jordan’s Alley Oop were really the only contenders to Ray Allen they just didn’t have as big of impacts. Clowneys hit was remarkable and I feel bad for the man on the receiving end of it but it was a big hit they happen all the time in football. DeAndre Jordans dunk was outstanding probably better than most of Lebrons Dunks but it was on Brandon Knight and how many times is he going to be embarrassed in one season remember when Kyire Irving made him look like a fool during all-star weekend? Everything bad happens to that man. Plus, it was a play that didn’t have any effect other than hyping everyone up. Ray Allens shot was a last second desperation shot that gave the Heat a second chance in game 6 which they would end up winning and take them to game 7 which they would also win so if it wasn’t for that big time play by Ray Allen and Chris Bosh who rebounded the missed 3 point attempt by Lebron with the clock winding down the Miami Heat wouldn’t be the reigning NBA champions they are today.

With the thought of another series loss to the Spurs on Lebrons mind, there was no way in hell he was going to let that happen and he didn’t.
Lebron brought in not only his second straight Championship ring but his second straight MVP trophy last week when the NBA finals went to a game 7. The San Antonio Spurs were just to old and too tired after putting all their effort into a game 6 and trying to win it all. Lebron has stated that he thinks Ray Allen’s remarkable game 6 shot to force over time is a Jordan like moment. It was the play from James but also from role players that helped Miami win this tough fought series. Wade had this to say on the series, ” it was a tough series the spurs gave us a run for our money but we earned it.”
Now when it comes to how the Spurs should have handled the injury situation Of Tony Parker, he shouldn’t even had been playing with the chance of aggravating the injury he has suffered earlier in the series and possibly Tearing his hamstring, but then again he was a key part to their success in the series. This could have very likely the last time we could see the original big 3 ( Parker, Duncan, and Manu) together! It’s time for retirement.
As for everyone questioning the return of Miamis big 3, they will stay together I was able to talk to Dwayne wade at his camp at Nova Southeastern university and he said,”we like what we have in our guys we definitely are gonna keep us boys together but as for the rest of the team we are going to try our hardest to keep all of us together.” Ray Allen could have potentially played his last game in Miami as they can’t seem to reach an agreement but it’s still early
In the off-season. He definitely hasn’t played his last game In the NBA as he’s told multiple sources that he is ready for next season. The team has exercised the player options on Mario Chalmers, Rashard Lewis and James jones so we will definitely be seeing them next season in heat uniforms. But they need to really focus on getting back Chris Anderson aka birdman and Ray Allen because they were big factors this season. Anderson was probably the best pickup out of all the teams last season. It’s crazy just to think that Miami will be going for a three peat next season. And that next season could be Miami’s big three last together as they could be restricted free agents after next season which I don’t think they will but that’s a possibility. Why would they leave a dynasty which they have started, they wouldn’t. All I can say regarding the future Is back to back to back? I mean Lebron promised 7 didn’t he?