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Brandon Jennings has found a new home.
After trying free agency Jennings has agreed to a sign and trade deal that would send him to the Detroit Pistons and in return the Milwaukee Bucks get Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton and Viacheslav Kravtsov.
With the addition of Jennings look for the Pistons to finally become one of the top tier teams in the East. Jennings is the fourth name they have added this off season along with former Atlanta Hawk star Josh Smith. These two names alone give this team a decent chance at a top 5 spot in the east. The additions of Chauncey Billups and Luigi Datome bring a little bit of depth to their bench. Although, Billups is getting up there In age he could still be very effect if given minimal minutes.
Now, the Bucks just added a great point guard to their line up in Knight, but with the departure in Monte Ellis they don’t seem to promising. The Bucks also acquired former San Antonio Spur Gary Neal who seemed to hot to handle from the three point line in the NBA finals against the Miami Heat.
The winner of this deal is undoubtably, the Detroit Pistons. They want to win now and by trading for Jennings they are one step closer to doing just that. Him and Smith are two dynamic players that by bring the pistons to the playoffs could maybe cheer up and financially help the bankrupt city of Detroit. Knight is very talented don’t get me wrong, but he’s still maturing and I think we have seen that throughout the season. Remember that freshman vs sophomore game when Kyrie Irving destroyed Knight or that nasty dunk that DeAndre Jordan had on him, those were all learning experiences for him. Expect for him to develop this season into a more powerful guard and even maybe show some resemblance of that of John Walls style of play.