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After months of hearing Dwight Howard plea to be traded to the new Brooklyn Nets so he could form a trio with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, has seemed to come to a screeching halt. As of last night The Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic have stopped trade talks. Now yesterday Espn sources said that if a deal was going to get done between the two to move Howard it would have been by later that night or nothing was going to happen. So when i was watching this thing closely I saw that the Nets signed Brook Lopez to a 61 million dollar contract for four years, the thought that Howard was going to the Nets grew because they didn’t have enough players to send over to Orlando to cancel out his contract and this was a way to do just that. Then after waiting for hours to see what I was bound to happen, didn’t. So where is Howard going to land now? Will they even trade him? And if he decides to stay in Orlando will the fans take him back?

Well if he is going to be traded (Which I doubt will happen) it seems as if the L.A Lakers will get him. Yet, Howard has clearly stated that he wants no part of bring in L.A (even with the addition of All-Star point guard Steve Nash). So is it worth it, if he only plans to stay there for one year? Well, not for L.A if they are to give up their All-Star in Andrew Bynum, because after one season Howard will be on his way out of there and to Brooklyn. Then you think well Bynum already doesn’t like head coach Mike Brown and we saw him retaliate late last season when Brown told him to stop shooting three’s and those words went through one ear and right out the other of Bynum head. So could this be Bynums last straw with L.A?

The Magics GM Rob Hennigan is only on his second week of the job and is faced with the situation involving Howard wanting out of Orlando. As the Bleacher report calls Hennigan “crazy” as he tries to get Howard to stay in Orlando, but do people not realize that Howard is going to be the only one on that team who can lead the Magic to the playoffs. Hennigan is thinking he can make a new start with Howard  and the Organization since they are under new management, his management. Yet, we also have to see things from the fans point of view. Do they even want him anymore? I’d say its a 50/50. Yes they want a super star but they don’t want his baggage and as I’ve heard many times before, you can’t have your cake and eat it to. So yes it seems only logical for the Magic to get someone in return (preferably someone of the all star caliber) for Howard and build around them and I think eventually he will be traded the real question is when will Howard be traded? Before the season starts? Before the trade deadline? or will they lose him next summer? Where will Superman take his talents?