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Four players in three different sports have now fell victim to ACL tears these last few weeks.

We all know what happened to Derrick Rose in game one of the Bulls v.s 76ers series. Rose came down very harsh and awkwardly on his left leg and tore his ACL. Rose is out for the remainder of the playoffs. The injury to Rose, basically killed any chances that the Bulls had of going to the NBA Finals. Then, Iman Shumpert tore his ACL in the first game of the Knicks v.s Heat series when he tried to crossover Mario Chalmers. That didn’t help New York at all.

Then came the biggest hit to New York sports when Yankees closer Mariano “sandman” Rivera was trying to catch fly balls, and fell. Mariano released a statement to the press when asked if he would ever pitch again saying this,” At this point I don’t know, at this point I don’t know. If he decides to not come back, his career will go down as the best closer in the history of the MLB. Truly, do I think he’s going to come back? No, I know its sad and we all want him to, but he’s already towards the end of his career. An ACL tear is one of the most devastating injuries a player can have. They almost never come back to 100%. He sounds doubtful now and he knows that he’s getting old. I’m just thankful I got to see him pitch once.


After the 10 point loss to the Miami Heat, The New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire decided to take out his anger on the glass cover for the fire extinguisher. Amare was seen leaving the stadium with a sling on, and is believed to have stitches. What a dumb move on Amare’s part, he could miss the rest of the series. Not only did him punching the glass hurt him, it hurt his team. New York is down two games to none to Miami and is on the verge of getting swept. Although, Mike Woodson, coach of the Knicks strictly told the media after the game that he wouldn’t take about the subject of what exactly Stoudemire did and If he though he was going to miss any time; Woodson did say that Amare’s hand didn’t appear to be broken. Tyson Chandler who has been playing through the series with a flu said this about Stoudemire, ” I do think he’ll (Amare) will miss time.”If  Amare misses any playing time, it would be the second blow to the Knicks since they lost Iman Shumpert due to a torn ACL. But could him missing Amare actually benefit the Knicks? Carmelo Anthony seems to do a whole lot better when Amare isn’t on the floor with him. Even with the major blow I think the Knicks can pull a win in at the Garden on Wednesday, but Miami will take the series.

In yesterdays game one of the Heat vs Knicks playoff series you definitively felt the tensions between these two teams really flare up, just like the old times. It started out with Amare Stoudemire jawing at Udonis Haslem and getting double technical. Then, just moments later Shane Battier carried out very bitter foul on Carmelo Anthony which then Baron Davis came up and pushed Battier. This was a physical game all around. It wasn’t the type of atmosphere Carmelo was use to, and that caused him to struggle missing his first eight shots of the night. Once Miami got on a roll it seemed like New York was trying to injure Lebron and Wade intentionally. Tyson Chandler set a very dirty pick/shove on Lebron which caused him to fall to the ground and give him whip-lash. That didn’t seem to impede Lebron’s performance, he would go on to finish the game with 32 points. Yet, Lebron held Melo to a lilliputian amount of 11 points (missing 12-15 from the court). Tyson almost got a double technical which would have resulted in an automatic ejection from the game, but the refs called it back after review saying it was just an ordinary technical foul. Miami would go on a 24 to 2 run after that hit on Lebron (who continued to play).Wade collided with Davis while bring up the ball, it look like he had just thrown his body into Wade. Then  the Knicks fell victim to injury/payback when one of their most productive players Iman Shumpert tried crossing over Mario Chalmers and he tore his ACL,I wish him a fast and healthy recovery. Once a player tears any ligament in their knee they just never seem to come back 100%. Now back to Wade and the Miami Heat, who were very productive scoring 19 points in his first game back from dislocating his finger. Miami handed New York their worse playoff lost since 91. Miami’s 100-67 win was the second largest in Heat history, a 33 points victory. Even though this was a blowout win I don’t expect a series sweep, look for New York to play with an even greater intensity and aggressiveness when these two meet again tomorrow night in Miami, then they go back to New York for games 3 and 4 where I expect them to pull in a win against the Heat.

O yea by the way, it seems that it pays to sit court side because every one who did in yesterdays game got a pair of Lebron 9 Elites (playoffs), which released in stores yesterday for $250.

Today at 1pm est, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat will be facing off against Melo and the Knicks. The Heat are to trying improve their struggling record against teams that are .500, their record is just 1-8 against .500 teams since the all star break. Even though the Heat pulled out a  convincing 105 to 82 it was against the Bobcats. The Bobcats are in last place in the entire league, with only 7 wins for their entire depressing season. So therefore, I don’t consider it to be an achievement of any sort. I’ve spoken to many people whom believe that Miami’s main problem is Chris Bosh. In fact, Bosh is not the problem,  the problem is production from their bench.  That’s the only way that they can expect to compete with teams like Chicago or Oklahoma City. The solution may in fact be to trade Bosh away but it’s too late now due to the fact that the trade deadline is passed. Then I hear people say that the Heat also need to get rid of Wade. When in fact he’s the one we need to keep the most. Everyone is only saying this because they see he has become injury prone and they don’t think he does as well as Lebron. These statements have become perplexing to me. The only reason that people say this about Wade is because they have become  accustomed to his performance, but yet he is still putting up preposterous numbers and if he were to retire today he would be a Hall of Famer no doubt. Now with that said you can see that the Drama for Miami is rising. New York has its own drama’s too.  Winning last sundays game aginst the Bulls due to Carmelo’s astonishing performance of 42 points which includes the Buzzer beating and game winning shots. It lost Linsanity and Stoudemire due to injuries and they could actually end up  moving to the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference depending on what happens with the Orlando Magic now that Howard is likely out for the rest of their season because without him I honestly don’t see them moving on to the second round of the playoffs. As of right now, if the playoffs started today Miami would be playing New York in the first round. So as the saying goes this series could give each team a little taste of the Medicine. Now if you’re just looking at today’s match up as just a must see and nothing else you might want to factor in the injury to Iman Shumpert’s ankle. Iman would be matching up against Wade and if he’s a no go then you’ll see J.R Smith taking him on in today’s game.  I see Miami taking this game 104- 98.