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The reigning NBA champion Miami Heat and MVP Lebron James are coming off not only a memorable season, but a historic one. The Heat are going into this season aiming to become back-to-back champs.

The Heat have finally secured the first seed in the Eastern conference after battling the New York Knicks night in and night out but are only a half a game ahead in the East and overall are 6th in the league standing. Miami’s key players already made an imprint on the league, LeBron James won NBA player of the week for the 38th time (most in NBA history) just last month.

One reason the Heat will win yet another title this season is due to the teams great chemistry. With star players James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh who have played together for three years, have all played on the Olympic team twice and have age and experience over younger teams like the L.A Clippers who are young. Miami’s big three is simply the best in the league even compared to that of the L.A Lakers’ Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, or the Brooklyn Nets’ Joe Johnson, Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace.

Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis have also played together on the Seattle Supersonic. Also the team’s veteran leadership from players like Allen, Lewis, Wade, Bosh, and James gives the Heat an edge over dynamic teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Clippers.

As the Heat look to repeat, Miami has already made an unstoppable team even greater. With the off-season additions of Allen and Lewis to the already exhilarating three-point specialist, Mike Miller and Shane Battier, Miami will easily be the best team from beyond the arc this season.

Yet, not only is Allen an astonishing  three-point specialist, but he can help secure wins. Allen already has two game winning shots under his belt this season. The addition of Allen is truly the piece to the puzzle the Heat have been looking for to bring back yet another title to Miami.


 The same exact man who won the sixth-man award last season; is the same man who is now in the D-league. That’s right Lamar Odom has been sent down to the D-league by the Dallas Mavericks. You have to feel bad for the guy, he was traded for basically nothing to his rival and now they demote him. Odom had taken an absence from the team last week care of his father who was in bad shape health wise. The Maverick organization has brought humiliation upon Odom. When will he be back in a Maverick jersey? It could be next game, next week, or next moth we really don’t. Just because he had a bad start to the season doesn’t mean they should demote him look at the entire team they aren’t so hot either, they are on a three game losing streak with a chance to make it a four game losing streak tonight verse the Hornets. Honestly, I think they made a huge mistake bring Odom down to play with Texas Legends. I expect nothing less than to see Odom flourish when he gets back to prove everyone in the organization wrong!

                                                                               The battle of the elites took place on Sunday; when the Eastern All-Stars took on the Western All-Stars. It was a historical night for Kobe Bryant, when he topped Michael Jordan for carrer All-Star points, with 270 points. Jordan only played in 13 All-Star games while this was Kobe’s 14th selection and probably more to come. Kobe wasn’t the highest scorer Sunday when Lebron and Durant both had 36 points. The most talked about plays of the game were the last second decision to pass by lebron and the hard foul Wade commited on Kobe braking his nose. Kobe says there’s still no beef between them, but you know for a fact that when these two meet up again this Sunday in L.A, they’ll be playing with a little more heart.  Also, the choice that Lebron took an attempted pass to Wade but over throwing him and basically losing the game for the Eastern All-stars when he could have just taken the 3 pointer himself. Lebron, Kevin Durant, Kobe, and Rajon Rondo wore shoes made just for this game (the galaxy series). Rajon wore the hyped shoes that most of you have heard of the “Galaxy Foam posites” that started riots in Orlando. 

Down he goes!

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 Laker’s superstar Kobe Bryant couldn’t have any worse luck than he does now. His wife of 11 years is divorcing , many are saying its the end of the Kobe era, he lost the Chris Paul deal, and now, he tore a ligament in his right wrist. As of now he is on IR and listed “day-to-day.” So what does this mean to Kobe and the Lakers? I’m no doctor or anything, but I’m pretty sure he will miss the first game of the season. So far this year the 33-year-old has had some work done to his body, he had knee surgery during the offseason and if the ligament is completely torn he might need another procedure done this year which could sideline him for at lease the next month. When you’re looking from the point-of-view of the Lakers, they are in deep crap for the opener if he doesn’t show up. Bynum is already out for the first five games due to a suspension, and if Kobe’s out man that’s a  1-2 punch to the gut, because with a shortened season every single game counts more than they did before. And to make matters even worse, they face Derrick Rose and the Bulls in the first game.