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The reigning NBA champion Miami Heat and MVP Lebron James are coming off not only a memorable season, but a historic one. The Heat are going into this season aiming to become back-to-back champs.

The Heat have finally secured the first seed in the Eastern conference after battling the New York Knicks night in and night out but are only a half a game ahead in the East and overall are 6th in the league standing. Miami’s key players already made an imprint on the league, LeBron James won NBA player of the week for the 38th time (most in NBA history) just last month.

One reason the Heat will win yet another title this season is due to the teams great chemistry. With star players James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh who have played together for three years, have all played on the Olympic team twice and have age and experience over younger teams like the L.A Clippers who are young. Miami’s big three is simply the best in the league even compared to that of the L.A Lakers’ Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, or the Brooklyn Nets’ Joe Johnson, Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace.

Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis have also played together on the Seattle Supersonic. Also the team’s veteran leadership from players like Allen, Lewis, Wade, Bosh, and James gives the Heat an edge over dynamic teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Clippers.

As the Heat look to repeat, Miami has already made an unstoppable team even greater. With the off-season additions of Allen and Lewis to the already exhilarating three-point specialist, Mike Miller and Shane Battier, Miami will easily be the best team from beyond the arc this season.

Yet, not only is Allen an astonishing  three-point specialist, but he can help secure wins. Allen already has two game winning shots under his belt this season. The addition of Allen is truly the piece to the puzzle the Heat have been looking for to bring back yet another title to Miami.


(L.A times)

The Miami Heat will try to keep their boat afloat tonight against the Indiana Pacers as Miami will be missing a vital piece to their puzzle. Chris Bosh will be inactive for an uncertain amount of time with an abdominal strain. Bosh is a critical part to Miami’s game. Don’t say he’s not because he is, if Chris Bosh wasn’t a big part of this Miami Heat team then why did they come together they came together because Lebron James and  Dwyane Wade couldn’t do it themselves, alone. There is no doubt that James and Wade will have put an extra load on their back for rest of this series and potentially the rest of the playoffs. As Espn’s first take said earlier today,” It is Lebron (James) time to shine.” James held Pacer’s forward Danny Granger to one made shot during game one (not including free throws which he went 4-4 on), and then he scored 32 points. I think the Heat will still win this game and the series, and it will be a close one.

How about the Conference Finals where they could possibly meet the Boston Celtics?  James will need to play at the MVP caliber he has been playing at in order to make up for Bosh’s absence, because the Celtics may be an old team but they have one thing the Heat don’t have with or without Bosh, a big defensive man. Kevin Garnett will attack them at full force, he will have a field day if Bosh isn’t available, but one man especially KG, cant win a series by themselves. If Wade and James can play a decent defensive series against the Celtics and especially Rajon Rondo,Ray Allen and Paul Pierce they could book themselves another ticket to the Finals. Miami’s big two doesn’t have to completely shut them down but they do have to make their presence aware.

Also on Espn today they talked about If the Heat didn’t win the Championship what that would do to James’s status, and they were arguing with each other if James should get a free pass if he doesn’t end up winning it all this year because of Bosh’s injury. My opinion he should, but most people will argue that he shouldn’t. I know Michael Jordan didn’t really have anyone other than Scottie Pippen, but once you start playing with people you get accustomed to having them there. To suddenly take someone in this case a big factor out of the equation, it leaves the team stranded they have to adjust and frankly even though Heat coach Erik Spolstra is saying that he will prepare as if they will not have Bosh for the remainder of the series against the Pacers, it will take longer than a week or two to adjust having to play with Joel Anthony. Thankfully the Heat have Udonis Haslem and Ronny Turiaf . If Lebron makes it to the Finals for the third he has to close it off. The people of Miami and of the entire will talk so much trash saying although he is great he is only like Charles Barkley, but thats not even the point, It will be so devastating to James that all three times he couldn’t claim the prize as his own.

With all that said, I think that even with a critical blow to the Heat with Bosh out they will still win. James can’t let it slip through his hands this time. He has the mind set to get this done, because he knows that his legacy is on the line between being know as the next MJ or just some future hall of famer. Three times the charm right?



Lebron James  has done it again for the third time in the last four seasons, he has won the Kia Most Valuable Player Award. Reports from various sources had come in on Friday, but it was made official Saturday evening at the American Airlines Arena. Lebron had beat out Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant to win the award.

James averaged 27.1  points, 7.9 rebounds, 6.2 assists, 1.8 steals and 0.8 blocks per game this season. James  has averaged 27.6 points, 7.2 rebounds, 6.9 assists, 1.7 steals and 0.8 blocks a game for his entire career; as for the most part he either did better or stayed the same in most categories this season compared to his overall career.

Now as James is always getting criticized by people for not having won a ring yet, and how they say he will never be as good Michael Jordan, lets break it down. Both had ZERO championship rings at the age of 28, MJ had ZERO final appearances while James has had two, Michael Jordan had won only a single MVP award while James tripled that number. So I suggest all the people who want crap about Lebron James know your stuff first.

He will wear a shoe symbolizing his accomplishment in today’s game (seen below), now all that’s on James mind is winning that NBA Championship ring!

The Miami Heat have now won their fourth game in a row, against the Toronto Raptors. Not only were the Heat without Dwyane Wade yet again, they were also without Chris Bosh, but that didn’t seem to slow Miami’s roll. Miami won  96 to 72, sweeping the Raptors in the season series. Lebron James had another astonishing game, shooting a remarkable 80% from the court. James recorded 28 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals. Mike Miller scored an outstanding 13 points for Miami; nevertheless, the production in the bench tonight is what the Heat could have used all season. Miami Heat’s bench also helped out for bringing down 21 rebounds and scoring 41 points. The Heat have now locked in the second seed in the East but could ultimately take the best record in the NBA with a win tomorrow night with the against the Chicago Bulls; Miami would only be a game and a half behind them. Then, if Chicago were to lose another game before the end of the season and Miami were to win the next few, Miami would be awarded the first seed, not only in the Eastern Conference, but in the entire NBA. Wining tonight’s game against Toronto makes James and the Miami Heat tied for second seed with Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. If Miami could pull away with that first seed and/or a better record than Oklahoma, it would give Lebron yet another edge on Durant for the MVP award. By the way, don’t expect Wade to be back until the playoffs due to the fact that he’s injured and most teams usually pull their star players away before playoffs to prevent injuries.

The man they call “The Chosen One”, Lebron James seems to be leading the pack of players in the race for the Most Valuable Player award. So let me break it down for you. With the constant pressure from fans criticizing  him, teammates out due to injuries, and the desire to win his first ring, Lebron has emerged as major contender who won’t let anything stand in his way. Lebron has ultimately put the Miami Heat organization on his back leading them in points, rebounds, assists, and steals. Lebron’s averaging  27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds, 6.3 assists and 1.9 steals. The last athlete to have numbers to have stats comparable to his is the man himself Michael Jordan. Now,  there is only one man who James needs to worry and it’s not Derrick Rose. Kevin Durant is the only threat to Lebron. Honestly if Lebron wins not only did he earn it but being in such a big market like Miami brought the attention a lot more to him. I mean don’t take it as me saying “If he wins it its only because the media is covering him a lot more” because that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying, “that being in a big media market didn’t hurt him.” Lebron is shooting 53% from the floor this season compared to KD who is shooting 50% from the floor this season. When you watch Durant play it seems as if he literally never misses a shot. Both of their games are so explosive, and that’s why these are the two are the head honchos of the NBA. Even after all these reasons the main reason why Lebron will win the MVP award is because overall he’s more passionate; he wants it more because wining this award will give him an even bigger push to go and get that Championship ring. Just look a the game he had against New Jersey earlier this week. By putting him on that confidence level that he is so close to winning the MVP award will just cause him go off and hopefully he’ll carry that into the playoffs. If LBJ wins this MVP award it would be the third time in his career that he would take home the award.